What is Chat Buddies?


Single Chat

Send messages or chat with Chat Buddies. The app has been developed using XMPP protocol. It allows you to instantly send and receive messages to a contact anywhere in the world. Chat Buddies runs on Openfire XMPP server. (Whatsapp Clone). Chat Buddies Start your own Whatsapp like instant messaging service, within minutes!

It permits an user to share moments, through text messages. A perfect medium to instantly chat one-on-one, regardless of the distance between you and the receiver.

Some of the Highlights in Single Chat

  • Chat with people all around the world.
  • Share videos, pictures in an instant
  • Enjoy communicating with buddies and colleagues
  • Build everlasting relationship with close ones

group chat

Group Chat

Its very easy to create groups and add multiple contacts in the group. You can also assign group name, status and group profile pics. There are more then 500 group members that is possible with the app. Also Categories and create group topics so that nothing is lost in common fray. Share image, videos, contacts, location and document in the group. Easy to leave or delete group. Admin can also remove member or assign someone else as admin.

Some of the Highlights in Group Chat

  • Easy to create and delete groups
  • Have discussions and talks with your gang and enjoy hanging out without being physically present
  • Unique icons to differentiate the different members in the group
  • Create a unique Group Subject

Attachements(Images And Videos)

File sharing is no more difficult now. You can share images, audio, videos, click & Share, Contact share with anyone easily. With our Whatsapp Clone “Chat Buddies” – Whatsapp Clone, you can attach and send any images of any format and videos quickly and securely.
Some of the Highlights in Attachments

  • Sending images or videos are free and there is no extra amount charged.
  • Share files of any format and size
  • Easy to share with multiple “chat buddies”
  • Click a picture and send to friends and colleagues in an instant
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location sharing (1)

Location Sharing

Another interesting aspect of the “Chat Buddies” (Whatsapp Clone) is location sharing. You could share your location with your chat friends. They can view the places where you are on the map and see the message with the location. The app takes you to Google Maps, to reveal your current location. You can then share it with your contacts, to let them know of your whereabouts. Your contacts too can share their locations with you.

Some of the Highlights in Location Sharing

  • Share location in a single click
  • Know where your buddies are and locate them
  • Keep a track of regular places visited by you and your buddies

Contact Sharing

Know a number and wish to share it with someone else? “Chat Buddies” (Whatsapp Clone) makes this process, as easy as a single click. You can introduce one contact to another, without the two of them actually meeting each other.

Some of the Highlights in Contact Sharing

  • Share contacts in a single click
  • Save time and share contacts simultaneously while chatting
  • Expand the friends circle
contact sharing
smily (1)


Express yourself using various emoticons that are hundreds in numbers. You can enjoy beautiful moments by using the stickers that are available. Multiple types of emotions are available in the application and they have lots of options too.

Some of the Highlights in Emoticons

  • Make the chat interesting and delightful
  • With a single touch, share your emotions.
  • Variety of emotions for different movements and happiness.
  • Build and reconcile relationships using emotions.

Background Themes

One of the highlight of our chat application is the usage of themes. In “Chat Buddies” (Whatsapp Clone) you can make chat even more interesting by using colourful themes. There are plenty of vibrant themes in the application that will suit your mood and like. Using themes, you can make your chat attractive.

Some of the Highlights in Background Themes

  • Make chat more interesting
  • Variety of themes of abundant colours as per your mood.
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Audio Recording and Sending

In “Chat Buddies” (Whatsapp Clone) phone calls can be quite expensive as per minute charge is applicable. Using our application, you can record your voice and send the voice without getting extra charged. With a single tap, you could record your voice and send to multiple people too.

Some of the Highlights in Audio Recording

  • High sound clarity with minimum disturbance
  • Send messages in form of audio on special occasion
  • No extra charges and reaches the concerned person in an instant

Save Your Money

Just throw away your worries regarding the exuberant costs and the ever-irritating chat app development. “Chat Buddies” helps to do all that you have ever wanted while chatting. This built-in chat app greatly reduces the chat app development cost.


Save Your Time

It will take months to develop a chat application similar to Whatsapp. But after the launch of our “Chat Buddies” (Whatsapp Clone) application, the launch of a new chat application is just like that. This in-built chat app helps one to launch their own chat application in iOS and in Android platform within 1 week.


Reliable & Bug Free Source Code

We have skillful and highly-experienced developers who have extensive experience in creating mind-blowing apps. Not only that our developers are aware of node.js, XMPP & MQTT which helped them on developing our chat application “Chat Buddies” with more reliability and bug free chat application.


Impressive ROI

Make easy money using our chat application “Chat Buddies”. We have extensive experience in creating awesome mobile apps and do continue to do so. Just use our reliable Whatsapp Clone and you would be churning out huge profits. Our extensive years of experience will ensure that you get good ROI via our “Chat Buddies”.


Customer Satisfaction

Our supreme aim is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the services provided by us. We are aware that earning profits is not a difficult task, but earning the respect and goodwill of the client is not a walk in the park. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for and will always do.


Branded App

“Chat Buddies” (Whatsapp Clone) is cross platform professional networking app just like whatsapp. “Chat Buddies” works on android as well as iphone devices. It has all the features of whatsapp and it can be good starting point to have your own whatsapp competitor. “Chat Buddies” uses solid chat server as backend and its code and interface is at par with whatsapp.

  • Features

  • Chat Buddies Available in iOS and in Android Platform

  • Single Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Attachment Sharing (Audio& Video)
  • Location Sharing
  • Contact Sharing
  • Emoticons
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Audio Recording & Sending
  • Profile Creation
  • Status Updation
  • Contact Blocking/Unblocking
  • Refer a friend via (Mail & Message)
  • Account Privacy Settings
  • Chat Settings
  • Notifications Settings
  • Message (Copy, Delete & Forward)
  • Conversation (Clearing & Emailing)
  • Full Source Code
  • Delivered in 10 days

What is Chat Buddies?
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How long it will take to develop the chat application?
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Do you provide discount?

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