What is Airbnb Clone?

Airbnb clone is an exclusive online vacation rental booking platform, whereby it connects the hosters who are having space for rental and the travelers who are looking for accommodation. It makes the user who is having a space can list it in the site by fixing a definite rent for the visitors view.

So if someone is in need of an accommodation and his expectation could match with the property been listed, then they can make use of it by booking through online.

Buy your AirBNB Clone and get

  • Instant Installation.
  • Sleek Design Interface
  • Easy Customization Facility
  • 100% Error Free
  • Free Support & Maintenance
  • Powerful Control Panel &
  • A Standalone Software

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Rich Features

AirBNB Clone is integrated with several features to deliver world class rental booking system. RG Tech – The system is powered by ultimate features together integrated with leading payment gateways which is customizable according to client’s requirement.

Registration Process

Fastest User Registration with additional Social Network login through Facebook and Google + along with standard sign up options. RG Tech-Airbnb Clone Create instant profiles, upload photos and refer friends.

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Search Function

In RG Tech-Airbnb Clone Searching & locating Rental Homes with auto suggestions backed by advanced filter option help customers find the right destination in no time. The search function is fastest and quick enough to pull and display details out of the database in a matter of seconds with the intellectual algorithms in built together with rich user experience.

Booking Feature

Smooth booking process is designed which performs to and fro action from the customer to host and back to customer with secured payment gateway system. RG Tech-Airbnb Clone, The booking system is synchronized with host booking calendar for optimized management.

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Property Listing

This proves to be great place for Property listing marked by availability to easily find and book the perfect home. In RG Tech-Airbnb Clone listings are enhanced by high resolution photo slots, video space which the host can continue to fill step by step to create a highly impressive listing. Besides any additional features can be integrated into this Airbnb clone.

Listing includes

  • Verified Properties
  • Google Map Integration
  • Hosting Space
  • Property Reviews
  • Multi Language options
  • Social Sharing
  • Integrated Google Analytics

Payment Gateways

RG Tech-Airbnb Clone has a proficient payment platform and can be customized to add/modify the payment gateways. Instantly set up merchant account to perform online transactions at ease. The revenue streams mount in the website is routed to the payment platform where hassle free payments are done.

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Dashboard for USER

User Dashboard comprise the following

  • Main Dashboard
  • Manage listings
  • Manage Photo Album
  • Manage Calendar
  • Manage Pricing
  • Manage Currency & Support
  • Manage Social Account Settings

Dashboard for ADMIN

Well navigated dashboard with powerful features integrated which includes

  • Eagle view dashboard
  • Global site settings
  • Language Settings
  • User Management
  • Listing Management
  • Payment Management
  • Manage Social Connect features
  • Manage Email templates and settings
  • Advertisement Management
  • Currency Converter
  • Emailing Options

Get this RG Tech-Airbnb Clone advanced Online Vacation Rental System and set your new business up and running in a few hours. These fronts have major components that rely heavily on network effects and community building, which take time to develop and are not easily replicated once market validation and critical mass are achieved.

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What would appeal to me if I were the owner of Airbnb clone?

Above all, benefit from the Revenue Channels of Airbnb clone by

  • User Registration Charges
  • Property Listing Fee
  • Property Verification Fee
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Adsense Revenue

 Airbnb Clone strives to be the best solution for people who are looking for alternate of AirBNB. Airbnb clone script is yet another efficient make of RG Technologies to support valuable client who wish to activate an ideal platform of rental booking system and be a competitor of Airbnb. This Airbnb clone script is not only integrated with the revenue options, but also intellectually optimized with several beneficial features.

Let your visitors find the right place to stay in vacation and be grateful to you always!


RG Tech always strive for innovative ideas and effectively grab the success out of it. This Airbnb clone idea has suggested by our valuable client community and posted as an idea for activation in our effective “ideas” platform. RG Tech – Airbnb Clone Script the Best Vacation Rental Software helps you launch your own Apartment Rental or Hotel Reservation System / Software! Clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bruneu, India